Inside the Salt Mine

​The β€‹β€‹β€‹History of SALT in Grand Saline 

Salt Prairie

The salt prairie SE of town is the center of the salt deposit. Salt water rises to the surface and crystallizes in the sand as the water is evaporated by the sun and wind. The area was used as a source of salt by Caddo Indians as early as 800 AD and by the Cherokee Indians until 1839. Salt production was started in 1845 by John Jordan and A.T. McGee. This salt deposit is a protrusion from a main salt bed that runs across most of east Texas and western Louisiana at about 4 miles beneath the surface. Theory is that this area was once part of the Gulf of Mexico. The seas dried up, leaving layers of salt that were covered as the earth's layers shifted and changed. Volcanic activity or an intense heat melted the salt burning up any other minerals or fossils and pressure caused the molten salt to push to the surface.